Zhagana excursion into the virgin land

Zhagana Gannan Gansu
In the lost lands of Gansu, there is a place little popular among travelers, Zhagana. The majestic glacier, the rock fortress, the virgin nature and small houses of Diebu give the impression of being in paradise. When the mist covers the mountains, the mystical atmosphere appears at the peak.

In the heart of the mountains of Gansu is a pristine place where man has not left its mark, Zhagana. The explorer Joseph Rock had even compared the Zhagana to the birthplace of Adam and Eve there over 100 years ago. Today, good physical conditions and suitable walking shoes are always required to access it. Mountains give the impression of a huge stone palace topped by a majestic glacier. Zhagana is actually a natural fortress before which can contain a “wow” wonder. What to say of this glacier stone except that it is dazzling, imposing, beautiful and infinite!  

In the valley below, the villagers of Diebu cultivate barley wheat in the terrace. The attached homes with background of the Zhagana Mountains are a paradise for few people had the opportunity to discover. The cedars and firs are scattered in the canyons and the ones on hillsides that are lost in the mist daily.

  • Best time to visit

    Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. 
  • Altitude

    2 800M Altitude Zhagana
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