Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo

Li River Cruise Guilin Guangxi
The Li River cruise offers an enjoyable boat ride in the middle of Guangxi. Departing Guilin, the landscapes in the form of "bread of sugar" will be quite impressive during the cruise to the small village of Yangshuo.

Incomparable Beauty along Li River 

The Li River is nestled in a beautiful valley deriving from a fairy tale. Closer to the small village of Yangshuo, the landscape is impressive. A Chinese proverb says "the mountains and rivers in Guilin are the finest around the world". These small villages in the middle of the fields and groves of bamboo within the background the gigantic Karst peaks are amazing. The Li River adds extra charm to the landscape. These mountains of Sugar Breads are reflected in the water of the river, resembling traditional Chinese paintings. The scenery offered in the region is quite popular that they are represented on the back of 20 RMB banknotes.

Guilin in the Eyes of Celebrities

The magical landscapes are even more beautiful in the morning, quite peaceful. The river and its banks are lost in the mist and the karst peaks seem to come from nowhere. Several celebrities can’t resist the charm of these landscapes. Among them: Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon. The latter (Richard Nixon) has even stated, "I visited hundreds of cities in more than 80 countries, none of them can compete with the beauty of Guilin".

Nothing better than a Li River Cruise

If you are hiking-lover, it is delighted to go hiking along the banks of Li River. But, if you just want to admire the landscapes that are available to you, you can ride in a boat between Guilin and Yangshuo. The cruise starts about 8 o´clock in the morning and lasts for 5 hours, lunch is offered as you´re on board.
During cruise, you´ll discover the beautiful landscapes and can also admire most important sites along the bank; the Elephant Trunk Hill, Gudong fall and small fishing villages will be good destination for visitors.

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  • Altitude

    150M Altitude Li River Cruise
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