Tianhe Pool Natural Park caves and waterfalls of Guizhou

Tianhe Pool Natural Park Guiyang Guizhou
Tianhe Natural Park is a small natural wonder close to Guiyang. The set of caves, waterfalls, ponds, cliffs, ... form an exceptional natural patchwork. The small cruise in the heart of the caves brings some freshness and opens up an impressive landscape.

Natural Landscape of Tianhe Pool 

Tianhe Natural Park is just 24 km from Guiyang, capital of Guizhou. Extending only 15 km², it is quite easy to walk around in a half day or one day. In this natural park, visitors discover a wonderful variety of landscapes. In Tianhe Pool, this is just a series of waterfalls and caves crossed by an underground river!

The Longtan Caves

The main site of the park is the Tianhe Pool, which gave the park its name (Tianhetan in Chinese). This peaceful pond is surrounded by mountains. From here we can take a small boat to visit the most impressive cave of the Tianhe Natural Park, the cave of the dragon pond or Cave of Longtan. This magnificent cave stretches almost 1,000 meters in length with a width of between 20 meters and 80 meters!
Be careful not to fall off the boat, the depth of water sometime exceeds 20 meters! There are life vests for passengers while passing under some small waterfalls.
After the cruise, it's not over, a little further begins the second part of the cave of the dragon pond, the foot of it. This part is only 200 meters long but still very impressive. The traveler passes over a bridge connecting two cliffs. Then the view of the pond is the most amazing!

Other attractions in Tianhetan

When one has no time limit, it is also possible to take a cable car ride on a point of view. Thus, the traveler crosses the Tianhe pool for less than a minute to get a birdview . There, the view across the Tianhe park is remarkable. Small ethnic villages are also situated in the park. Typical meals are in the program as well as bamboo dance show.

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