Jianshui ancient town Zhu's family garden and temple of Confucius

Jianshui ancient town Honghe Yunnan
Lost within the borders of Yunnan, the ancient city of Jianshui contains invaluable treasures. This ancient city, which remained relatively underdeveloped, has one of the largest temples dedicated to the great Chinese thinker Confucius. The Zhu's family garden is a beauty. It surprises many visitors by its size and its gardens, which contain countless wonders. Many other treasures lurk about in Jianshui or around the city.

Confucius Temple in Jianshui

In the heart of the ancient city, you can find the second largest temple dedicated to Confucius in China. The first is located in the hometown of the great master of Chinese thought, Qufu, and the second is in Jianshui. This beautiful set of buildings is dedicated to the transmission of Confucian thought, but it also serves to honor Confucius. Formerly, it served as the representation of imperial power in the city and the success in the famous imperial examinations. Although the temple has now lost these aforementioned functions, it is still well-loved by seniors.

Zhu's Family Garden

A visit to Jianshui is not complete without a visit to the Garden of the Zhu family. While visiting the region of Yuanyang and Jianshui, it is worth seeing at least one of the residence of the Zhang family and Tuanshan. In Jianshui, the residence of the Zhu family is twice the size of the Tuanshan however. Covering 2 acres, these buildings, yards, gardens and streets intertwine in a unique way. The gardens, extremely well equipped, often received opera performances. Although this is not the case anymore, they still have kept their charm and serenity. A portion of the residence, which includes some buildings and part of the gardens, was transformed into a hotel. This gives the opportunity to spend the night here.

Chaoyang Gate

In the heart of the old town of Jianshui located a miniature Tiananmen Gate. Indeed, when recalling the work on the latter Beijing construction, one may think that Chaoyang Gate would be a more recognizable architecture. And yet, built 28 years before the Tiananmen Gate in Beijing, this is not a copy. In fact, the Chaoyang Gate, also known as the West Gate, was built with the intention of protecting the city from enemies. Today, it is a meeting place for locals who like to explore the local birds market. The top of the arch was even refurbished into a tearoom where small performances are given in the evening.

Double Dragon Bridge

Leaving 5 kilometers of Jianshui, simply venture into the location that marks the union of Lujiang River and Tachong River to discover its magnificent bridge that cross the rivers. With these 17 arches, this spectacular bridge allows an individual to cross two rivers with ease. Built during the Qing and measuring 148-meter long, it is often considered to be one of the finest in China. The three pavilions, located at the ends and in the center, are quite exceptional architecture. At the beginning of its construction, the bridge covers three arches, but it was expanded to improve functionality. The original part, however, made it one of the oldest bridges in China.

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