Yuanyang Rice Terraces one of the most beautiful terraced fields in China

Yuanyang Rice Terraces Honghe Yunnan
The Yuanyang Rice Terraces are without doubt the most beautiful in China. It is a marvel with enchanting landscape that fabulously changes with the seasons. When the sunshine is reflected in flooded fields, the divine charm of the scene will capture your heart.

Stunning Rice Terraces

The small village of Yuanyang itself isn’t so attractive. But just out of this village at about 1800 meters, you can enjoy some of the most wonderful landscapes. Indeed, it is more than 27,922 acres of hills that serve rice! The entire region of Yuanyang is inhabited by the Yi and Hani minority peoples. These individuals would be the first to have laid the terraced hills to grow its rice. The various terraces are all more beautiful than the other. Whether Duoyishu, Bada or at the mouth of the Tiger, these terraces marry the perfectly sloping contours of the hills and blend with the tropical vegetation of the region in a unique way. At sunset, the terraces of the mouth of the Tiger shine in the sunlight in an unparalleled way.

Best Time to Visit Yuanyang Terraces

This enchanting landscape fabulously changes with the seasons. Thus, to admire the most famous of Yuanyang panoramas, the best time is between January and May. The fields are flooded and the reflections created by the sunshine breaking through the clouds gives a divine charm to the terraces. In May, hills green with new plantings by the Hani people. Gradually, the terraces go from green to yellow before reaching harvest in October. So it all depends on what scenery visitor prefers.

Qingkou Village, a Hani village

In the middle of the Bada terraces, there is the small village of Qingkou. This village of the Hani minority is a living museum that showcases the ethnic diversity of Yunnan. Even before setting foot in the village, one can realize the authenticity of the village and the simplicity of life. Made with a mixture of stone, mud and wood, the village is the best example of Hani architecture.

Market of Shengcun Village

Shengcun is a small village located directly on the road between the terraces of Bada and Duoyishu. Given its location, the village has become a spot for all the locals when holding a market. It is not only Hani but also the Yi ethnic group who come to trade things of all kinds in traditional dresses. The market is consistently held three times every twelve days. It recognizes the days of the pig, goat and rooster, according to the Chinese calendar. We must consult the schedule in advance to be sure not to miss this colorful festival and display.

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