Atlas Silk Workshop in the village of Jiya

Atlas Silk Workshop Hotan Xinjiang
To discover the Atlas silk weaving as been there more than 2000 years, the village of Jiya can't be missed where the traditional techniques used at the time of the Silk Road are still applied. Once there, visit the Atlas Silk Workshop to discover the whole process which takes time, patience and dexterity.

Ancestral Specialty

It is in the small village of Jiya, near Hotan, where handmade Atlas silk are produced. Indeed, the village began to specialize in the manufacture of the silk since the Han dynasty. This silk was famous in China at the time of the Silk Road as one of the main exported goods. Nowadays, parts of the villagers continue to weave silk respecting the traditional techniques!

Time-consuming Work

The whole process is still conducted by hand; it takes very long to make the fabric. In the Atlas workshop, all methods of manual production are revealed; boiling cocoons design clothes through spinning silk thread. Today, it still takes a day to weave only 3 meters of atlas silk. Therefore, usually a traditional dress costs about 400 RMB!

  • Best time to visit

    Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. 
  • Altitude

    3 000M Altitude Atlas Silk Workshop
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