Damagou Temple Smallest Buddha Temple

Damagou Temple Hotan Xinjiang
Discovered in Damagou Township, the Buddha temple is the smallest Buddhist temple in the world! With barely room, a statue and a place of prayer, this temple remains a remarkable relic. The other two temples and frescoes showcase the importance of Buddhism in a region.

An Unexpected Discovery

It is in the valley of Khotan Damagou that the remains of three Buddhist temples were discovered in the year 2000. Children came to collect wood on a slope when they discovered that there are murals and rooms. A little digging, a statue of the Buddha appeared then. Archaeologists came on the scene and discovered that the temple was a family. They sought around for a home or graves but instead they excavated two other larger temples, connected by a corridor.

Smallest Temple in the World

The first temple discovered at Damagou turns out to be the smallest Buddhist temple in the world. With a length of 2 meters and a width of 2 meters, this temple of 4 m² leaves barely there room for a monk to his prayers. No wonder this is a family temple. Inside, the frescoes dating back to 1500 years are a great witness to the importance of Buddhism in the region at the time.


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  • Altitude

    3 000M Altitude Damagou Temple
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