Hotan Cultural Museum

Hotan Cultural Museum Hotan Xinjiang
The Hotan Cultural Museum contains relics discovered during excavations of cities buried by the desert of Taklamakan. Objects with a history of over 1,500 years are exposed as fragments of tablets, sculptures and other relics. But the most interesting is of course the two mummified bodies found at Niya.

In the city of Hotan, also named Khotan or Hetian, the cultural museum contains about 400 relics excavated during excavations in the buried cities Niya, and Melikawat Yotkan. These ancient cities buried in the desert of Taklamakan may still contain unknown treasures. The museum displays a map of the desert with the location of these cities lost many explorers sought in the late nineteenth century. But what makes the museum really interesting are the two mummies found at Niya. These naturally transformed into a mummy by the desert air have a history of 1500 years! They are a 10 year old girl and a man of 35 years, they have Indo-European features.



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    3 000M Altitude Hotan Cultural Museum
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