White Jade Factory popular Hotan jade

White Jade Factory Hotan Xinjiang
The Hotan white jade is famous in the city for over 5000 years. Traded for a long time in China and spread for the Silk Road, the jade is now extremely rare. Some lucky guys still have the opportunity to find a quality stone. The jade factory in the city still continues to shape the beautiful stones found in the riverbed of White Jade.

Hotan boasts the reserve of one of the most popular Chinese jade, white jade. It has been popular for over 5000 years. The White Jade River offers an impressive reserve of jade of incomparable quality. Traded for a long time, the quality of jade is picked up today in the riverbed or in the mountains not far away. Nevertheless, some are still very rare. By going to the banks of this river, we cannot miss the hundreds of people squatting in search of a jade stone ranging from white to black, passing through the green or red. But only a trained eye can tell the difference with pebbles. In Hotan jade factory, we can see how jade is carved to become a jewel, a lucky charm or a decorative object. It is also explained how to recognize a quality jade.



  • Best time to visit

    Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. 
  • Altitude

    3 000M Altitude White Jade Factory
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