Longwu Monastery Tangkas in Tongren

Longwu Monastery Huangnan Qinghai
Longwu Monastery, in the area of Tongren, is one of the largest monastery of Yellow Hat sect in Qinghai. Covering 100 hectares, it is a series of splendor, lost in the mountains of the ancient Tibetan Amdo area. When traveling in the area, it is necessary to visit the wonderful Thangkas, which is listed in UNESCO.

Huge Tibetan Gelugpa Monastery

Tongren is a Tibetan part of Qinghai and 75% of the population is Tibetan! Thus, it is not surprising that there is a huge monastery here which dedlicated to the Yellow Hat sect, Gelugpa.
Covering 100 hectares, it unfortunately has lost all its glory but not all its magnificence. For two hundred years, the monastery of Longwu influenced the entire region of Tongren in political and religious way. Today there are still 500 monks live in this monastery with many treasures. Indeed, one can admire the magnificent statues of Sakyamuni and a gilded statue of Tsongkapa, the founder of the Yellow Hat sect. This statue is almost 11 meters high and is placed on a large table of 26 meters in circumference.
Just a short visit in the Longwu monastery allows you to realize the importance of Tibetan Buddhism in this region. At the entrance of the lamasery, a huge wall made up of prayer wheels is popular among the pilgrims who come here for pray. This is a good opportunity to discover their religious practice which is very different from Christianity rite.

The Tibetan Tangkas in Tongren 

The region of Tongren, lost in the mountains of Qinghai, is famous for its Tangkas. These paintings on canvas are witnesses of the Tibetan culture. They usually represent designs that appeal to the Buddhist religion, such as portraits of deities or the Dalai Lama in all sizes and colors. The Regong arts, which are born in the village of Longwu as well as the beautiful Thangka art, has even been listed in the UNESCO in 2009.

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