Chengkan Village the best preserved Hui buildings

Chengkan Village Huangshan Anhui
As an ancient village around Huangshan, Chengkan village boasts a history of 1,800 years, presenting an elegant layout which comprises three main streets, 99 alleys and over ten heritage site dating back to Ming and Qing dynasties.

Unknown Hui architectural style village

Chengkan, formerly known as Longxi, is one of the ancient villages in the Huangshan region built by the Luo brothers over 1800 years ago. Even today, the majority of inhabitants are surnamed Luo. Nestled in the mountains, the ancient village remains over ten heritage sites among the variety of pavilions, bridges, buildings, folk residences and temples. The exquisite craft and gorgeous wood, stone and brick carvings exemplify the essence of the Hui school architectural style. That is why Chengkan was dubbed "Museum of ancient Chinese architectural art".

The top village in the south of Yangtze

Featuring an elaborate layout on the bases of Chinese Fengshui and Eight Trigrams, Chengkan village comprises three main streets and 99 alleys. It was dubbed “the home of the two great people (Luo Brothers) and the No.1 village in the south of Yangtze” by the great philosopher and poet Zhuxi in the Southern Song Dynasty.
Passing the gorgeous arch, you will arrive in this ancient village which is well-preserved. You might see the cattle, goat and some other poultry stroll at the street corner. The locals here might be curious about the guys with big noses and blue eyes but they will never be rude and always show you an authentic smile and warmth.

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