Hongcun Village ancient village in the south of Anhui

Hongcun Village Huangshan Anhui
Boasting artificial water supplying system, Hongcun is a cultural wonder considered as one of the most beautiful ancient villages in China. Preserving traditional architectures of the feudal era, Hongcun vividly showcase rural life at the time. Therefore, it is renowned as worthy of the real finest Chinese paintings.

A Living Illustration of Rural Life 

There are remarkable traces of the traditional dwellings preserved in some ancient village. Hongcun is the best known among these villages thus regarded as an important heritage.  Located at the foot of the Huangshan Mountain, Hongcun was founded in 1131 by the Wang family. It was then only thirteen houses but expanded as the accretion of population. A channel was even constructed to bring fresh water to the inhabitants. Today, the 150 buildings in this village are the living illustration of rural life in the feudal era. Regarded as typical Anhui-style, architecture and decorations of these houses are remarkable and famous throughout China.

Hongcun Unique Water Supplying System

What makes this village special is its water supply system. Indeed, the channel that brings water from the Leigang Hill, pool of the village then carries the water into each house. This artificial water system intertwines such a maze in the village to supply each house individually. It is known that the Chinese associate architecture with shapes of animals and their imagination is great! Hongcun resembles the shape of an ox if seen from above. To the West of the village, Leigang Hill would form the head of the animal. The rising trees are the horns of the beast. The four bridges spanning the pool of the village represent the legs. Houses make up the rest of the body whereas the meandering creek between the houses is in the image of the intestines and finally, the Southern Lakes are considered to be pockets of the stomach. What an imaginative masterpiece at that time.

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