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The Huangshan Mountain is renowned for unparalleled view of cloud and sunrise. Often depicted in poems and Chinese paintings; the Mount Huangshan arising in the sea of cloud is of unparalleled beauty. The path winding between the summits through pavilions is ideal place for sightseeing. The panorama during the ride, with the rising of the sun, is stunning.

The Most Beautiful Mountain in China

"Who has seen the five sacred mountains has no desire to know the other peaks; who saw Huangshan Mountain has experienced a moment of pleasure watching these five sacred mountains". This is what the famous traveler and geologist Xu Xiake in the 17th century has complemented. Even today, the Huangshan Mountain, or literally "Yellow Mountain", is regarded as one of the most beautiful landscapes of the country since the Huangshan Mountain is the perfect example of landscapes described in Chinese literature and paintings of shanshui (mountain and water). This paradise of painters and poets is today an ideal destination for the photographers. The rocks and peaks of rock out in the middle of the clouds are of immeasurable beauty. This natural painting excels in splendor. It boasts beautiful peaks like Mount Taishan, breathtaking views like Mount Lushan, steep trails like Mount Huashan, impressive rocks like Mount Yandang. foggy sea of clouds like Mount Hengshan. The Huangshan Mountain also boasts unique beauty distinguished from the other mountains of China.

The Tale of Huangshan

Even before this quote, several emperors had shown great admiration to this place. Some also said that it was the mountain of the longevity. The famous Emperor Huangdi had taken his senior officials on the mountain so they could make pills of longevity. Having made these pills, dignitaries and their great emperor would then become immortal and would be flown to heaven and paradise. The mountain then took the name of the founding emperor of China and called the Huangshan.

Must-see on the Yellow Mountain

The Yellow Mountain is not simply natural beauty devoid of historical and cultural secrets. We find many peaks or in the hollow of the valleys, the temples and pavilions witnesses of its historical events. You will be captivated by the winding trails interspersed with ancient bridges of the Huangshan Mountain. Rocks in the poetic names and engravings on stone punctuate the route of the hiker. One of these rocks is particularly famous, the rock of the Dream Brush to paint flowers. This majestic pillar stands as a noteworthy point in the midst of a deep valley. A circular shape with a sharp peak, the pillar has a brush. In its Summit, a pretty, green pine rises from the ground, which explains the "flowery" aspect of the pillar. Indeed, the famous poet Li Bai would have dreamed of a place that is beautiful, green, magical, and enchanting and populated by longevity. Having spent years wandering in the mountains of China searching for a unique site, Li Bai arrived at the Huangshan Mountain and discovered what he had dreamed of. His creation of poem was no longer limited since then.

Huangshan Hiking Tour

The Mount Huangshan that span more than 150 km² is the ideal place for hiking. Some of the 72 peaks reach the height of 1,800 meters above sea level. A cableway leads the hiker at the peak of the Lotus, but, for the brave, a 4,000-step staircase leads to the peak of the Lotus is highly recommended. The best promenade often begins at early afternoon. The trail to the Summit offers hiker the most beautiful panoramas, Tiandu peak and Yupinglou, Flying Rock as well as the Paiyun Pavilion. Overnight at the Summit allows visitors to admire the sunrise from the top of one of the peaks. The view at dawn from the Qingliang terrace or Lion´s peak is amazing.

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