Xidi village ancient village in the south of Anhui

Xidi village Huangshan Anhui
As one of the few rare and well-preserved villages, Xidi village boasts incomparable beauty. It prospered through trading in the feudal era. Therefore, over a hundred houses date back nearly a millennium. With enchanting, natural surroundings, the white houses with black roofs are reminiscent of traditional Chinese painting.

Origin of Xidi

Xidi village was founded by the descendants of Emperor Zhaozong in Tang dynasty, one of the sons of the emperor, forced to abdicate and was adopted by the Hu family, who lived in a nearby village. Nearly a hundred years later, the offspring of the son of Emperor who endured the sad fate settled in Xidi.

A Commercial Village

For years, the village had expanded and became a commercial village in the region. The Hu family and their descendants occupied an important place in the village and thus exert great influence on commercial and policy matters. In the 17th and 19th centuries as a result of economic trading, the village counted six hundred luxurious residences, reaching its peak. These white houses with black roofs were so typical representation of wealth at that time.
Today, there are more than a hundred buildings worthy visiting. These buildings are architectural and cultural wonder. Just like the village of Hongcun, architecture and the structure are an epitome of this thriving village.

A Small but Lovely Village

Unlike Hongcun village which extends over a area of 28 hectares, Xidi covers barely 16 hectares to the South of the Huangshan Mountain. But it still boasts a special charm. With its expanses of water and traditional houses of ancient time, Xidi village is simply majestic. These beautiful landscapes are worthy of a postcard.

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