Guozigou Valley Fruits Valley

Guozigou Valley Ili Xinjiang
The Guozigou is a valley full of wild fruit trees. In addition to these trees in this forest interspersed with waterfalls, you may even catch a glimpse of wolves, foxes and bears in the wild. It is impossible to miss because this valley is crossed by an expressway bridge that overlooks more than 200 meters.

On the road between Urumqi and Yining, an expressway bridge was built recently and passes into the Guozigou valley. This valley, which extends for 28 kilometers, contains fruit trees in an impressive landscape. With the expressway overlooking the valley, it is possible appreciate its landscapes below. The path is still visible in places of which was part of the ancient Silk Road from north of the Heavenly Mountains. Various fruit trees can be seen in the valley but also other trees and herbs grow in freedom. It is even possible to make a few stops to venture a little hilltop and see the flowers of the valley. Along the way, it is well-loved for the fruit trees and beautiful forest interspersed with waterfalls. In winter the valley is covered by a thick blanket of snow, but in May, the green takes over and then illuminates the valley as a patchwork of colors. From the highest point of the valley, it is even possible to see the shores of Lake Sayram not far away. Especially, you may even catch a glimpse of wolves, foxes and bears in the wild.

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  • Altitude

    500M Altitude Guozigou Valley
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