Jiayuguan Fortress western edge of the Great Wall

Jiayuguan Fortress Jiayuguan Gansu
Marking officially the western edge of China, the Jiayuguan Fortress was a strategic military location. Today, it is the attraction not to be missed when you visit the Silk Road. The panorama of Jiayuguan offered on the Gobi desert is the most sensational but the visit also tells us about the history of the great wall, its construction and its wildest part.

Stunning Pass

Built in the fourteenth century, the fortress was the western boundary of China. On a strategic place on Silk Road, it kept the corridor separating the Mountains of Qilian and Heishan in Gansu. It was also known as impregnable pass under heaven as China never managed to rule the territories west of Jiayuguan. As the important military site, everything here reminds uncertainties of the time. The fortress is provided for easy access to the Great Wall on foot or on horseback access. Watchtowers of 17 meters in height along the way and define the fortress. It then becomes aware of the power of such a military device in the strategic position of China.

An Informative Museum

Renovated at the end of the last century, the part of the fortress now is home to a museum. Inside, artifacts and historical documents, maps and photographs tell the story of the Great Wall and especially the part of Jiayuguan. The materials and methods of construction are also detailed in several parts of the museum.

Gobi Desert

From the top of its towers, we are left with the Gobi desert that stretches to the horizon. This unique landscape is visible from other parts of the Great Wall but here the panoramic view is breathtaking.

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  • Altitude

    1 600M Altitude Jiayuguan Fortress
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