Overhanging Great Wall Xuanbi Changcheng

Overhanging Great Wall Jiayuguan Gansu
For an overhang of Great Wall in west side, there is no better place than Xuanbi. This part is also called the Overhanging Great Wall. Indeed, you have to climb a steep slope to reach 150 meters high and then have an amazing 360° view on Chinese territory extending to the horizon.

Defensive Place

6 kilometers north of Jiayuguan is one of the most spectacular sights of the Great Wall. Xuanbi Great Wall, also called the Overhanging Great Wall, goes along with the fortress of Jiayuguan. Built in the mid-sixteenth century, Xuanbi Great Wall served as the defense system against invasive barbarians from the west. Although measuring only 4 meters high, perfectly adequate to defend themselves. Indeed, on the western slope of Mount Heishan, the enemy had to cross the canyon Heishan then climbed the mountain to finally see the wall. This part of the wall was invisible to anyone looking from west to east. Instead, the guards placed on Xuanbi had stunning views to the west and also had enough time to prepare for attack against enemies who had already exhausted by the climb.

Stunning Panoramic

Due to its imposing appearance similar to a dragon overlooking the slope of Mount Heishan, Xuanbi is often compared to the Badaling section in Beijing. It's a 45-degree slope that travelers should still climb to reach the highest part of the Great Wall. After travelling the hard 500 meters, then we are rewarded with a 360 degree panoramic view of the desert with snowcapped peaks in the distance.



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  • Altitude

    1 600M Altitude Overhanging Great Wall
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