Wang Family Compound

Wang Family Compound Jinzhong Shanxi
The Wang Family Compound is a treasure of the old residences of China. Representing one third of the Forbidden City, this home has an unusual past. Starting as a family residence, it was later abandoned and occupied by more than 600 people.

The Wang Family Compound is 80 kilometers south of Pingyao. After the Wang family began to prosper, they moved into this house, which took over 150 years for the residence to reach its current stature. It spreads over an area representing one third of the Forbidden City. Once on the site, it's more like a city. In fact, the residence is composed of two parts separated by a stone bridge. There are a total of 123 paths and more than 1,000 buildings. The architectural style is a fine example of traditional Han nationality. The Wang Family Compound is an area of interest for tourism of today, but be informed that it has a strange history as well. Indeed, the descendants of the Han nationality abandoned the home during the Japanese invasion and the house was then inhabited by more than 600 local farmers. It is the government of the province had to evacuate 212 families to classify the site.

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