Urho Ghost City wind city

Urho Ghost City Karamay Xinjiang
The Urho Ghost Town is aptly named. Howling of the wind and various strange landscapes make this site mysterious. The strange shapes of the landscape were created by strong wind and erosion. Our imagination is underway to reveal pyramids, temples and pagodas.

A hundred kilometers away from Karamay situated a city nicknamed the Urho ghost castle by the Mongols (Sulumuhak) and Kazakhs (Shytirkrsi). Approach this wasteland to dusk and you may understand the meaning. The wind rushing among rocks on the perimeter of 30 km² produced impressive sound both daunting and scary. During the day, the site is more charming, though the wind be always present. We can then see the ravages that virulent wind created on the rocks outdoors. By letting go of the imagination, these imaginary forms are reminiscent of temple of Angkor in Cambodia, the pyramids of Egypt, the Temple of Heaven in Beijing and many other monuments.


  • Best time to visit

    Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. 
  • Altitude

    400M Altitude Urho Ghost City
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