Abakh Hoja Tomb fragrant concubine cemetery

Abakh Hoja Tomb Kashgar Xinjiang
Abakh Hoja Tomb is an Islamic site of top importance in the area of Kashgar, also known as the Tomb of Xiang Fei. It strongly resembles a mosque with its minarets and dome and even a Quran teaching room. Definitely, the graves of the sixteenth century are the major attraction.

Islamic Tomb

5 kilometers from Kashgar, the Abakh Hoja Tomb was built as the tomb of an Islamic sect that ruled the city in the sixteenth century. This sect of White Mountain People was led initially by Yusup Hoja but his son, Abakh Hoja was the most powerful who ruled six cities in the region. He originally built this tomb for his father but his own name which was eventually used to name the site after his death. Closely resembling a mosque, it contains the graves of 72 people belonging to this sect. In addition to the two mentioned above, the local princess Ikparhan, granddaughter of Abakh Hoja was buried there. The tomb is in fact a huge room in lined coffins covered with colorful fabric. Of the 72 tombs of origin, only 58 remain today.

The Legend of Ikparhan

The tomb is also known as the Tomb of Xiang Fei (fragrant concubine). This comes from a legend that the cousin of the princess Ikparhan would lead an anti-Qing uprising and then Ikparhan was forcibly married to Emperor Qianlong in order to defeat against the rebellion. However, Ikparhan refused to submit herself to Emperor Qianlong, and then the Empress Dowager pushed her to suicide. After the dead of Fragrant Concubine, the body was lifted back and buried in the Abakh Hoja Tomb. The palanquin that once contained the remains of Ikparhan is still in the tomb but the coffin is now at Zhunhua, Hebei.

Teaching of Islam and Worship

With its evocation of a mosque, the tomb also serves as a place of worship and teaching of Islam. Besides the tomb, a prayer room and a fountain where the devotees make their ablution were found. One room is dedicated to reading the Quran and teaching.

Islamic Architecture

This tomb is considered one of the finest and most important masterpieces of Islamic architecture in Uighur. Extending over 2 hectares, square building stands proud and inspires stability and majesty. It is surrounded by the four corners of the minarets and dome surmounts. All dark green glazed bricks bring splendor and austerity instead.

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    Jul. Aug. Sep. 
  • Altitude

    1 289M Altitude Abakh Hoja Tomb
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