Id Kah Mosque the religious center of Uighur

Id Kah Mosque Kashgar Xinjiang
Located in the heart of the city of Kashgar, Id Kah Mosque is typical of Uygur Islamic architecture. Being one of the largest mosques in China, it can accommodate up to 20,000 people for religious holidays or the Friday prayers. The mosque is busy and its vast esplanade serves as a meeting place.

Huge Shrine

The mosque covers 16,800 m² in the center of Kashgar. Symbolizing the center of the old city, it was built in 1442 for the ruler of the time on the former site of a cemetery so he could pray his family and his dead friends. It was enlarged a century later and underwent several improvements over the centuries. It is now one of the largest mosques in China, and definitely the largest in Xinjiang. Its courtyard generally attracts 7,000 worshipers and hold 20,000 people during religious holidays! The mosque is busy since the Uighurs practicing their religion every day.

Uygur Islamic Mosque

With its two minarets flanking the front door and yellow bricks, Id Kah Mosque is typical of Uygur Islamic architecture. The interior courtyards and gardens have attracted many visitors. The walls are decorated with mosaics, paintings and sculptures. Its fine and neat construction goes with the correct proportions for each room. The prayer hall, meanwhile, is so huge that it is supported by 140 pillars of wood painted green.

Open to Non-Muslims

As it is admired as a beautiful shrine by all, it is possible to visit the mosque outside of prayer times for non-Muslims. Both men and women must cover their legs and then fully arm. Women must also cover their hair, and this is essential. In a foreign country, showing respect for the local culture is quite essential.

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  • Altitude

    1 289M Altitude Id Kah Mosque
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