Golden Temple Yunnan Taoist temple

Golden Temple Kunming Yunnan
As the most famous Taoist shrine in Yunnan, the Kunming golden temple is covered with bronze, hence nicknamed “temple of bronze roof”. Standing on the Mingfeng Hill, it's accessible by a long staircase winding thereon.

Temple of Bronze Tiles

Actually, the Golden Temple isn't made of gold. In fact, the temple is the largest one in China ever built from bronze because the main hall consumed 250 tons of bronze!
All of the beam columns, murals, windows, roof tiles, statues, wall decorations, the banner near the gate and couplets, everything is made of bronze. When it's sunny, the glitter roof explains why it’s named Golden Temple. However, the temple also bears the name of Bronze Tile Temple, as well as Temple of Supreme Harmony.
The Golden Temple on the Mingfeng Hill has been rebuilt in 1671. The former temple here was moved to Dali a few decades earlier.

Three Hevenly Gates

Like most of the Taoist temples, you have to climb hundreds of winding stone steps on the mountainside and pass through the three "heavenly gates" before reaching this magnificent Golden Temple. After walking in wildness the travellers will then reach three huge arches, each is comprised of 3 doors intend to lead towards the heaven. Once at the top, it is only greenery and small sacred buildings!


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    1 894M Altitude Golden Temple
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