Yuantong Temple largest Buddhist temple in Yunnan

Yuantong Temple Kunming Yunnan
With a history of over 1,200 years, the Kunming Yuantong Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in Yunnan province. Still valued by the faithful Buddhists, it provides a small Buddhist interlude during a journey to the heart of the ethnic minorities of Yunnan.

Briefing about Yuantong Temple

In the city’s center still remains one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Kunming. Yuantong Temple is valued by pilgrims. Built in the time of Nanzhao Kingdom in Tang Dynasty, it was expanded to become the largest Buddhist temple in Yunnan Province centuries later. The expression “Yuantong” is one of the 32 names of the goddess Guanyin. It means “don’t be pompous, to be modest and lenient”.

The Gift from the King of Thailand

The pavilion at the rear of the temple contains the most interesting sculptures. Offered by the Thai king, the statue of Sakyamuni Buddha is guarded by two unknown animal statue. In a small octagonal pavilion, the statue of the goddess Guanyin with a thousand arms is impressive. Similarly, at the entrance of the temple, the monumental portico on which inscribed the name of the temple is an attraction itself.

Legend of the Dragon

According to the legend, a dragon lived in the basin of the temple. To appease the mystical beast, the temple was built. This would explain the presence of sculptures of dragons on the main pillars of the building.


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  • Altitude

    1 894M Altitude Yuantong Temple
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