Gansu Provincial Museum a showcase of the Silk Road

Gansu Provincial Museum Lanzhou Gansu
In the city of Lanzhou, Gansu Provincial Museum is not only a window into the past of the Silk Road but also traces the history of the province and its hidden treasures. The most complete fossil skeletons in the world, the famous flying horse figurine, a tomb of 10,000 years ... Suffice to say that the museum really delves into the past of the region.

A visit to this museum lets you delve into the history of China and the glorious past of the region of Gansu. Window on the history of the Silk Road, the exhibits sometimes are more than 12,000 years! Objects that could move on this trade route which was used at the time are represented on the three floors of the museum with explanations in English. But the museum not only contains the history of the Silk Road, it also traces the history of Chinese civilization in this region by restoring an ancient tomb more than 10 000 years. There's even a mammoth skeleton out of the Yellow River, considered the most complete fossilized skeleton of the world! Objects of the Long March of the Red Army are also part of the presentation. One of the objects has become a symbol of Gansu and is nicknamed the "flying horse". In just 24cm high, this figure represents an imported Fergana by the Silk Road pretend fly and touches the birds.

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