The White Pagoda Hill the hill for Yellow River panorama

The White Pagoda Hill Lanzhou Gansu
The White Pagoda Hill is located on the opposite side of the Yellow River from Lanzhou. So there's no better place to see the city and the third-longest river in China. The bridge that spans it has even become the symbol of the city. While strolling through the park, different buildings reflect the cultural diversity of the region but the pagoda at the top that is most noticeable.

A Breathtaking Panorama

To overlook the city of Lanzhou and the Yellow River, nothing is better than to get to the top of the White Pagoda Hill in north of the city. In a huge green park, various religious places scattered to the top of the hill and the imposing white pagoda. This 7-storey pagoda of 17 meters high stands out among the trees by its whiteness. From here, the city spreads to the horizon on the other side of the crossing by the iron bridge became a symbol of Lanzhou Yellow River. The panorama of the city buildings, the bridge over the river and green trees gives a unique appearance to the picturesque scene.

Origin of Chinese

But why do you call Chinese yellow people? Well you will soon understand after admiring one of the longest rivers in China through Lanzhou. Initially the Chinese civilization was located on the banks of the river that runs through the north. On a muddy color ocher appearance then came the nickname the people extends installed alongside

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  • Altitude

    1 520M Altitude The White Pagoda Hill
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