Shuhe Ancient Town and Black Dragon Pond

Shuhe Ancient Town Lijiang Yunnan
Shuhe Ancient Town is one of the first Naxi villages in the region. Cobbled alleys are bordered by traditional stone houses and intertwined channels with crystal clear water reminiscent of the old town of Lijiang. Hiking in the area, on the old Tea Horse Road, allows for discovery of the natural heritage and exceptional view of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Not far away is the Black Dragon Pool, known as one of the best sights in the region.

Miniature Lijiang

Located barely 5 km away from Lijiang, the village of Shuhe is often considered the old town of Lijiang in miniature form. With its cobbled streets, houses with traditional architecture and canals in the crystal clear water paths, everything reminds visitor of Lijiang but, in fact, it is calmer and charming. This village, which is one of the first places of residence of the Naxi upon their arrival in the area, is built of stones brought by the inhabitants of the slopes of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. To have a splendid view of this small town situated in an exquisite natural valley, you can to go as far up as a small hill. The temple atop is also open to the public. In the central square, local artisans sell their works. All the picturesque moments and activities will capture your heart for the rest of your life.

Ancient Tea Horse Road

Lying on the old Tea Horse Road, Shuhe experienced the same development as the other villages on the road, such as Lijiang and Shaxi. The people gradually abandoned their agricultural activities to focus on trade , which is why it has become an important crossroads on the Tea Horse Road. In the village today, there is a small museum displaying the history of this legendary road. The Tea Horse Road began in the region of Yunnan Pu'er to the capital of Tibet. This old road still exists today, but is no longer in use. A few cars pass by to reach the remote villages around such as Shuhe. It is possible to stroll a few kilometers between Shuhe and Baisha.

Black Dragon Pool Park

This park is one of the most famous Lijiang panoramas. A few kilometers to the north exit of the old town of Lijiang, this pond is spanned by a magnificent stone bridge in white and lined with traditional buildings. A pavilion floats on the surface of the lake. In nice weather, the walk around the pool is more pleasant. The snowy peaks of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain are reflected in the calm water of the lake, which makes the lake more charming.


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