Bingling Temple Grottoes Caves of the Thousand Buddhas

Bingling Temple Grottoes Linxia Gansu
The Bingling Temple Grottoes are one of the few places in China where you can admire sculptures as well preserved. Some of these masterpieces are one of the earliest Buddhist monuments in China. Access, which is by boat on the Yellow River, offers stunning views of impressive landscapes.

Long Project

Bingling Temple caves are a treasure in China. There are only 4 sites across the country where one can admire from such rock carvings and this place is one of them. The Binglingsi name comes from deformation in Tibetan "Caves of the ten thousand Buddhas". The sacred sculptures of Bingling Temple were begun in the 5th century. It is until the last dynasty in the 16th century sculptors stopped their work. There are lavish engravings, sculptures and paintings. Some are much damaged, but others still sparkle as on the first day.

Difficult to Access

The specificity of this site is it only accessible by boat. It is indeed necessary to cross a landscape of the most impressive before putting ashore and leave in the middle of the caves. Take a cruise on the Yellow River, it cannot help but notice the color of this river, second longest river of China. The Yellow River is very muddy and it often takes an intense copper color. The cliffs nearby, decorated with yellow hills are a perfect example of loess landscapes. The visitors never tire of this long walk on the Yellow River. It is almost as interesting as the visit of the caves in itself. Given the difficulty of access, these precious relics have not suffered human destruction. They were spared by the Cultural Revolution and the river flood only damaged the sculptures at the bottom of the cliff.

A Must-see Site

Everything in this site is of great splendor. There is the first cruise on the Yellow River, and then the discovery of the magnificent sculptures and engravings. Some are really worth a visit, like those of the seating Buddha as well as the reclining Buddha from Tang or even the immense Buddha Maitreya of 27 meters in height. That’s a total of over 700 sculptures it is still possible to admire in this scenery of former seabed.

  • Best time to visit

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  • Altitude

    1 800M Altitude Bingling Temple Grottoes
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