Longji Rice Terraces Ping'an Village

Longji Rice Terraces Longsheng Guangxi
The small Ping'an Zhuang Minority Village is hidden amidst Longji Ping'an rice terraces. The Zhuang minority here settled in the rice-growing region and built their houses of wood, very typical of their minority. Their home blends well into the local landscape and becomes one with the amazing Dragon's Backbone (means Longji in Chinese) rice terraces.

Ping´an Zhuang Minority Village 

The Longji Ping´an village is part of the Autonomous District of Guangxi Zhuang Minority.
Ping´an village is a Zhuang minority village built on the hillside amid stunning Longji rice terraces. This minority has the particularity to build wooden buildings only. These traditional dwellings then blend into the landscape. People here kept their traditions and it is a unique experience to get in touch with them. In the streets but also rice terraces, they are easily recognized by their traditional costume. The women wear black pants and a white shirt and hair entwined in a huge turban that is sometimes multicolored. If you can offer a little money, they remove their turbans and display their long hair that is rarely cut.

The Longji Ping´an Rice Terraces

Translated from Chinese Longji, the "Dragon´s Backbone" is a landscape worth marveling and a main reason for visiting the region. Longji consists of Ping´an Zhuang Minority and Jinkeng Da Zhai Yao villages scattered in the middle of rice terraces. Due to the terraces below and the wooden houses, you have to reach the top, and the landscapes are really worth it. These rice fields are often considered some of the most beautiful in all of China.

Best Time to Visit Longji Rice Terraces 

The most beautiful landscapes are in spring and autumn. In spring, rice terraces reflect the sun shines like precious stones. In autumn, the rice fields are covered earthy color of autumn to blend into the surroundings.

A Promenade between the Ping´an village and Jinkeng Village

If a stroll amidst the terraces of Ping´an is not enough, then take the day strolling through rice terraces and other villages in Longji area. It is best to hike between the Ping´an village and the Dazhai Yao village.

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    Mar. Apr. May. Jun. Sep. Oct. Nov. 
  • Altitude

    1 000M Altitude Longji Rice Terraces
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