Mount Song one of the five great mountains

Mount Song Luoyang Henan
Located in Henan Province, Mount Song is well-known as the central mountain of the Five Great Mountains of China. It is also featured as sacred Taoist mountains. However, our visit is not so much related to the sacred places of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. It is rather for the splendid landscapes that create a sensational setting for an irreplaceable experience.

Mountains of Three Religions

The Mount Song is a sacred Taoist mountain. For example, the Zhongyue Temple, belonging to the Taoist religion, is also located among the peaks. In addition, Chinese people associate these mountains to five elements of Taoism including, gold, wood, water, fire, earth, and Mount Song symbolizes the earth. This mountain is also considered the main sacred mountain of Buddhism. It is well-known for being the home of Shaolin Temple which the birthplace of Kung Fu and an important Buddhist site. Finally, Confucianism is represented by the school of Songyang.

Stunning walk

A visit to the Shaolin Temple is usually indispensable if you walk to Mount Song. From this sacred place, two other choices are available to travelers. You can choose to take a cable car which is 2.5 kilometers far away from the entrance of the temple. So, enjoy the memorable scenery while keeping your energy. For the more adventurous travelers, you can also climb the 5,654 steps that run through the park. Then, you can go on secure mountainside trails that offer breathtaking landscapes. There is no doubt that you will remember your trip to Luoyang!


Sanhuang Village

The Millennium Sanhuang Village is a natural village on the halfway of Mount Song. Here, Taoism Buddhism and Confucianism are not the dominant religion. Instead, it is built in honor of three legendary emperors including kings of heaven, earth and man.

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  • Altitude

    353M Altitude Mount Song
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