Luoyang Peony Festival

Luoyang Peony Festival Luoyang Henan
Luoyang hosts the annual Peony Festival in early spring. This emblematic flower of the city is also China's national flower. This festival takes place in various parks in the city every April and May. Thousands of Chinese from all provinces visit this festival.

Imperial Legend

Since the seventh century, the peony has been the emblem of the city of Luoyang. All city parks are then trimmed of about 1,200 existing varieties. According to legend, the Empress Wu Zetian ordered a hundred flowers to blossom on a winter night. Although the servants did their utmost to ensure all flowers in the open garden had heating by using coal, the peonies would not blossom finally. Thus, the Empress banished them to Luoyang, which was then another popular city in China, and it became the symbol of the time.

National Flower

The peony is now associated with beauty, prosperity and nobility. It is very popular with the national population. Declared national flower in 1903, it would still compete with the plum blossom until 1929. The famous slogan "one country, two systems" has been adapted to the situation to become "one country, two flowers."

Spring Peony Festival

Peonies bloom in early spring. On this occasion the city prepares to welcome thousands of visitors come to admire the color gradients created by the variety of peonies but especially from place alongside them. The aisles of the four major parks in the city are trampled by Chinese residents of all ages and from all backgrounds, all in love with this plant. The best time to admire the peonies would be mid-April, but it can happen that the flowers bloom late.

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