Shaolin Temple the birthplace of Chinese Kungfu

Shaolin Temple Luoyang Henan
The Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of Chinese Kungfu, was born a Buddhist Chan sect for practicing boxing and honoring Heart and Spirit. This huge temple is lost in the Song Mountain, one of the five Sacred Mountains of China. The martial art is still taught and organized to perform to show the importance of knowledge of these monks.

The Heart of Chinese Kungfu

The Shaolin Temple was built by an Indian monk who came to China to spread his doctrine in 495. Then He founded the largest Buddhist Chan sect of that religion.  One of the disciples of Sakyamuni, Bodhidharma, moved to the temple a few years later and blends personal experience with knowledge of the Chan sect. He founded the mental boxing which based on intensive meditation and observation of animals and insects. The temple started to be renamed and in the Yuan and Ming, it reached its peak of popularity with over 2,000 monks!

The School of Martial Arts

The Temple offers impressive performance of Kung Fu. These shows are performed by the students of the Shaolin Martial Art School who come to show their mastery of the body through the mind. For fans of Chinese Kungfu, go into the room of the Thousand Buddhas. The room contains 48 prints that speak to the origin of this art. Walk in the footsteps of the monk practicing the basic moves of Kung Fu.

The Forest of Pagodas

At the other side of the temple is a huge cemetery with 14,000 m². Although there is nothing like a cemetery, 246 pagodas that make up this park retain the ashes of influential monks who lived in the temple.

Damaged by Fire

The temple had suffered a major fire in the early twentieth century. This fire set to be 40 days and damaged most buildings. Although there are still some original buildings, a number of them have been restored.

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    353M Altitude Shaolin Temple
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