White Horse Temple first Buddhism temple in China

White Horse Temple Luoyang Henan
The White Horse Temple is the first Buddhist temple built in China, the foundation of the Chinese Buddhist religion. It is considered as the cradle of Buddhism in China and still attracts many followers. Its history is closely linked with the dream of an emperor.

The Short Story

The entire history of the temple and Buddhism would be based on the dream of an emperor. The Emperor Han had a very strange dream in which he met a god of gold. According to the guess of his vassals, it could be the god of the west Buddha. The Emperor had sent two emissaries to the west of Afghanistan to bring back any Buddhist texts. After arriving in Central Asia, they met two Indian monks who helped them to bring the scriptures on the two white horses on a 5,000-kilometer journey. After their return to Luoyang, the emperor was impressed by what they had accomplished, so he ordered for a temple to be built in honor of these two monks and their white horses. So the first Buddhist temple in China was called the White Horse Temple.

Rooms in honor of Buddha

Located a few kilometers east of Luoyang, the White Horse Temple has seen most of its temple halls are restored over a thousand years. Some of these buildings, which are visible today, date back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties. These make it to be the birthplace of Buddhism and be much frequented by the faithful Buddhist. Inside, there are various temple halls, which are dedicated to different Buddhas and their guards. The temple is the tangible, stone foundation of the Chinese religion of Sakyamuni and, thus, his statue can be found in several rooms inside of this temple. Next to the entrance of the temple sets the statues of two Indian monks who had made the journey from Afghanistan to bring the sacred scriptures.

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