Eight Pagodas in North Tibetan Pasture

Eight Pagodas in North Tibetan Pasture Nagqu Tibet
In the vastness of the north Tibetan grasslands, the site of Eight Pagodas on the prairie is a tribute to the mythical hero from the "Epic of King Gesar." This king had buried here one of his generals, Xiaba and had built eight pagodas in honor of him.

Eight Pagodas were built in honor of General Xiaba who had served under the legendary Tibetan king, Gesar. According to legend, the king had fought off old beliefs with solid companions whose general had gone. These legends, from Buddhism and Bon religion of the local are of great importance for believers. Besides, the beautiful landscape of these Tibetan steppes located more than 4,000 meters above sea level are worthy of appreciation,. This site is often where the faithful pilgrims come to pay homage to the great general who helped fight forces of evil. This sacred place is on the route taken between Qinghai and Tibet, but it is not feasible to pass at all times throughout the year.


  • Best time to visit

    May. Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. 
  • Altitude

    4 500M Altitude Eight Pagodas in North Tibetan Pasture
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