Wuyi Mountain rafting on the Nine-bend River

Wuyi Mountain Nanping Fujian
Wuyi Mountain is an exceptional natural reserve. Its tropical climate produces beautiful vegetation, which covers deep gorges and majestic peaks. Winding through this site's valley, there is a river that is equally as breathtaking. Rafting on the Nine-bend River is the best way to admire the most beautiful landscapes of the reservation and see the old hanging coffins, which date back to 4,000 years ago. The region is also the birthplace of Da Hong Pao tea, one of the best black teas in China. The plantations on the slopes of Mount Wuyi offer a very pleasant walk.

Natural Reserve

To the northeast of the province of Fujian is the huge Wuyi Mountain natural reserve, which is noted for its exceptional biodiversity. Recognized by UNESCO, it contains not only unique tropical vegetation for the region but also protected animal species, such as the South China Tiger and the spotted leopard. Although there is 1,000 square kilometers of mountains and natural valleys located at this site, only 60 km² are open to the public. Once inside, trails and landscaped stairs allow visitors access to the most beautiful views of the reserve and a chance to walk around in a beautiful setting. The river crosses the site and winds through the middle of the majestic peaks. From the huge waterfalls and elegant mountains peaks to the lush green slopes and deep gorges, these picturesque valleys are a beauty. The two most beautiful promenades of the site include these stunning landscapes, combining quiet trails and steep stairs.  They respectively lead at the Peak of the Great Emperor and the Peak of the Heavenly Traveler.

Rafting on the Nine-bend River

The most interesting part of Mount Wuyi is taking a ride on a raft down the Nine-bend River. As you join groups of six adventurous people, prepare to explore the bends of the river. While traveling inside of the course’s mysterious caves, any observer can also note the rugged peaks, as they dominate the course at a variety of points. This region was inhabited 4,000 years ago. You can see the remains of ancient hanging coffins to highlight such history. It is while exploring the fourth meander, called Peak of the Great Treasure, that these coffins are visible, sometimes 5 meters in length!

Jade Maiden Peak

During the second meander of the River, there lies the Jade Maiden Peak. Just as the “maiden” part of its name suggests, this mount does have the look of a woman. Its name comes, in fact, from a Chinese legend about the daughter of the Emperor of Jade. She fell in love with a local peasant but their forbidden love was unveiled during their big day and the lovers were changed into rocks. The two peaks continue observed one another, which is thanks to the reflection from a mirroring terrace.

The Da Hong Pao Tea Plantations

On the slopes of Wuyi Mountain is cultivated one of the ten best teas of China, Da Hong Pao tea, or large red dress tea. According a legend regarding this name, the mother of the emperor was cured after drinking this black tea. The emperor would then offer red dresses to protect the tea. The Mount Wuyi area is ideal for the cultivation of tea, as the slopes offer an ideal eroded soil and the rivers’ irrigation offers permanent plantations. Initially, there were only 6 tea bushes that grew on the mountainside, even amidst the rocks. Today, these tea bushes are still there, having survived for hundreds of years. They are monitored day and night, so nobody come to harm them. The Chinese Government has them insured for 100 million RMB! Trails depart in the middle of these plantations and lead to lost places. Waterfalls, majestic peaks and terraces decorate some of these steep paths.

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