Kubuqi desert Singing Sand Bay

Kubuqi desert Ordos Inner Mongolia
The Kubuqi Desert is one of the largest in China. Located south of the famous Gobi desert, it is a paradise of sand and blue sky. Ideal with experiencing a desert in one day, a camel brings us to the dunes, lost in the middle of nowhere. The singing sand is also interesting, but for the adventurous.

Sea of Sand

The Kubiqi desert lies at the southern end of one of the largest deserts in the world, the Gobi desert. It is the seventh largest desert in China, covering an area of 18,600 km ². While taking the road to the desert, the vegetation changes abruptly from verdant trees to uninhabited sand dunes. Upon entering the first dunes, it is possible to see the far east groves of trees and houses. To the west, however, three is a vast sea of sand that extends out of view. Although your location may only be a slight distance from the main road, one can quickly feel the serenity of being alone in the world amongst such a yellow and blue universe of sand and sky.

The proposed activities

The entrance to the desert was designed to allow a day of walking without experiencing a great deal of difficulty in the desert. Thus, trucks take visitors to the dunes to take them to the heights of the desert. If you were to conduct the walk by foot, the uphill walk would take a lot of time and may be painful. Once in the desert, camels take you further forward, even in a small place where a mini-zoo was built. The zoo is an opportunity to see and learn about animals in this environment, as it houses live animals in cages and skeletons of desert animals. From there, it is possible to walk from the countless dunes. Everywhere you look it is only sand and blue sky, which makes the pleasure all of the greater. Returning to the desert, some less typical activities are also offered, such as walks in the quarter or archery.

Singing sand Bay

For the adventurous, it is proposed to descend into the dunes using a kind of luge or sleigh. This dune, which slopes steeply downward, is called singing sand for the echo that occurs when people glide along the slope. Indeed, when the weather is nice and the sand is dry, a slide down on the dune sounds like the beating of a drum. If three or more individuals slide at the same time, the echo produced gives the impression that the sand sings. So, are you ready to try it?

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    1 050M Altitude Kubuqi desert
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