Ten Thousand Peaks Forest Wanfenglin Scenic Area

Ten Thousand Peaks Forest Qianxinan Guizhou
The beautiful scenery of the Ten Thousand Peaks Forest is worthy of karst peaks of Guilin. This extended out of sight of the peaks imaginary forms reminiscent of a magical world. Colors, changing with the seasons, give a special charm to the Wanfenglin Scenic Area, as well as the quiet ethnic villages and lakes.

Karst Peaks

In plain full of culture, the Ten Thousand Peaks Forest gives the impression of a magical world straight out of a fantasy novel. The famous geographer Xu Xiake said, "There are so many peaks in the world, but here they form a forest!" And he was right. In the Wanfenglin Scenic Area, mountains with very steep slopes and many are so tight that you'd see a huge forest trees then being replaced by karst peaks. Words are not enough to describe the spectacular landscape formed by these karst peaks, such an ocean out of sight. In the midst of this extraordinary landscape are hidden lakes, karst caves and small minority villages.

Different Season, Different View

Each season brings its own vision of the peaks, as well as the weather. In clear weather, sunny peaks are resplendent as they are reminiscent of ghosts as soon as the mist rises. In summer crop fields which are coiled in the plain before the peaks are of incomparable green meadow. In summer, they begin to take yellow tones before becoming golden in autumn. The forest consists of three zones, formed by the particular shape of the peaks therein. Thus, there is an army led by a general. The latter is very distinctive from the rest of the army pointing their swords to the sky. The dancing dragons represent another part of the forest with their backs saw tooth. Finally, the monks became arhats easily to be recognized, well organized and covered with grass.

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    1 500M Altitude Ten Thousand Peaks Forest
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