Qingdao Bathing Beaches

Qingdao Bathing Beaches Qingdao Shandong
The Qingdao Bathing Beaches are a special event not to be missed. Whether you go for swimming, sunbathing or simply observe Chinese culture, you will not be disappointed. The sea remains the main lively place in Qingdao with its beaches, bars, and restaurants offering local specialties and refreshments. Nearby, the neighborhood Shi Lao Ren offers even more entertainment.

Qingdao Beaches

Qingdao is very popular among Chinese tourists for its lifestyle and beaches. Although swimming is not part of the Chinese culture, this practice is beginning to grow and the result can be very interesting to watch –swimwear of the past century in Europe, shirts with Hawaiian flowers and buoys are everywhere in China's twenty-first century beach scene. Qingdao, with its beaches and buildings of Western styles is also a popular place for taking wedding photos.
In Qingdao, the Germans first developed the yellow sand beaches. Today, there are 6 different beaches. The beaches are named numerically in order of attractiveness: the beach No. 1 is the prettiest and beach No. 6 is the least attractive. NO. 1Beach was constructed by the Germans in 1901 and then extended and refitted several times to become today’s beautiful beach of 3.6 hectares. Sand, the blue sea, parasols, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs are waiting for you.

Restaurants and Night Life

Neighborhoods beach front from the beach No. 6 to No.1 beach are the perfect place to taste the specialties of Qingdao and Shandong. For a little more excitement, you must head to the Shi Lao Ren district, to the east of Qingdao. Restaurants, bars as well as nightclubs illuminate the neighborhood streets.

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    15M Altitude Qingdao Bathing Beaches
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