Former German Governor's Residence Qingdao Ying Binguan

Former German Governor's Residence Qingdao Shandong
The Former German Governor's Residence of Qingdao is probably one of the most beautiful homes in the city. Like a German palace, this residence is a tangle of extravagance. The residence cost so much to run that once the Kaiser received the bill, he immediately dismissed the governor from his position.

Certainly one of the most beautiful European buildings in Qingdao is the Former German Governor’s Residence. Now converted into a hotel, the residence excels in extravagance. Indeed, at the time, the governor thought he had a bottomless expense account built a house worthy of the German palate. At a cost of 2.5 million silver tael, the Governor was finally returned to Germany and resigned his office when the bill came to Kaiser.
In a very particular shape, the interior of the home is breathtaking. The arrangement is luxurious. The stairs are spiral, woodwork terrain, vaulted ceilings, balconies and opulent stucco decorations. Some of the exterior views are breathtaking.
This former German residence was also fortunate not to be affected during the Cultural Revolution. This enticed Mao Zedong to spend a family vacation here a few years ago.

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