German concession European atmosphere of Qingdao

German concession Qingdao Shandong
Although the German constructions are present throughout the city, the old town contains the most beautiful buildings of the German concession. Reflecting the typical atmosphere of Europe in the early twenty-first century, this peaceful neighborhood abounds in buildings with classic architecture and lush gardens.

After the murder of two German missionaries, the Germans took possession of Qingdao City in 1897, officially became a German concession in 1898 and for 99 years. In 1922, the Chinese once again took control of the city. The Chinese preserved the architecture and culture. The buildings were built adhering to classical European architecture on both sides of the road. Between the street and the Tai'an Xiaoyu Shan Park, everything reminds Germany. It includes lavish homes, cathedrals and temples that have nothing to do with what is usually done in China. Even the station is topped by a majestic tower.

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    15M Altitude German concession
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