St. Michael's Cathedral Catholic Church in Qingdao

St. Michael's Cathedral Qingdao Shandong
The Qingdao St. Michael's Cathedral is built in a quiet area of the city. Surviving multiple wars, the cathedral somehow has not the interior has not lost its charm and sanctity.

Built in the 1930s, the Catholic Church was unfortunately not built as it was imagined. Indeed, because of the war, the huge tower of 100 meters originally designed could not be erected. Instead, the church built two towers of 60 meters high over a period of time. Similarly, during the Cultural Revolution of the 1970s, the church was ransacked and the cross was hidden in the hills by the devotees to prevent the cross from being destroyed by the Cultural Revolution guards. The cathedral was restored and reopened for worship a few years later. More than a decade after the Cultural Revolution, the cathedral opened to the public outside of the masses and other ceremonies.
The tallest of the Far East, the cathedral is very charming with its white walls, airy and divine atmosphere. The bright paintings, stained glass windows, the statue of the Virgin praying add a sacred charm.

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    Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. 
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    15M Altitude St. Michael's Cathedral
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