Qinghai Lake Biking Tour the fourth famous cycling tour in the world

Qinghai Lake Biking Tour Qinghai Lake Qinghai
Both professionals and amateurs can join the Qinghai Lake Biking Tour which is organized by China Escapade. Whether for a day or several days, it is possible to combine cycling and travel along the banks of the largest Inland Saltwater Lake of China. The wonderful landscapes, Wild nature and Bird Island and local culture mix of ethnic groups are waiting for an unforgettable adventure.

Qinghai Lake

One might say that make a cycling trip around lake is not really hard, but when you ride around a lake with a circumference of 360 km, an area of 4,500 km², an average altiude of over 3000 meters, the result will be totally different. So, you should at least prepare a 4-day ride if would cycle around the largest inland saltwater lake in China. 
Besides the amazing the landscapes alongside the Qinghai lake, the culture mix of the Tibetans, Mongols and Han in these nearby villages is still a point of the Qinghai lake biking tour.

Qinghai Lake International Road Bicycle Race

It was in 2002 that this international race called "Tour of Qinghai Lake" was held in Qinghai province. It has become the fourth most famous cycling tour in the world since then. But this is not really for everyone. All the riders should be well trained to do this race since the Qinghai Lake is located at an average altitude of 3,000 meters! 

Essential Biking Tour of Qinghai Lake

As you are not professionals, China Escapade short the cycle trip and selects the essential part to let you experience the cycle trip around the Qinghai lake. The road cycle race rarely has the chance to ride along the the lake, but what we we offer  more or less a long journey alongside the lake with the best views of the whole lake. The landscapes, the bird island, the traditional ethnic group villages and snowy peaks are all on your itinerary. 

Custom Qinghai Lake Tour 

You probably don't have enough time to stay a week to cycle around the whole Qinghai Lake. So we offer day trip or tours last up to 5 days. You can experience the cycling and also stop the main sites to admire the beauty of Qinghai lake. On request, we can arrange meeting with the local ethnic groups, a visit to a primary school and even a stop at social welfare insitute for international adoption. 
You can also choose to go alone with a rental bike, a guide from a cycling club or you can even integrate into an amateur club to participate in their adventure! But attention please, people at the bike clubs of Xihai county rarely speak English. If you prefer an English speaking guide, please let us know in advance.

Sample of a 4-day Qinghai Lake Bike Tour

Day 1: Xihai County to 151 Base(Erlangjian Scenic Area), (78 KM/ 48 miles)
This morning, you will leave Xihai county and begin your today's biking tour in clockwise direction for 78 km to arrive at the 151 base(Erlangjian Scenic Area) for overnight. During cycling on the East Huanhu road(Huanhu Donglu), the wonderful landscapes mix of Qinghai lake, the huge prairie, the desert and wild lives are waiting for you. While reach at the T-intersection of G109 national road, there are 20 km more to ride to the 151 base(Erlangjiang Scenic Area). Fortunately, you may find the Przewalski gazelle on the Golden and Silver beach. There are no more than 300 around the world!

Day 2: 151 base to Village of Buhahe, (120 KM/75 Miles)
Today, first cycle 49 km to reach the village of Heimahe for a lunch break. From there, you still have 71 km to arrive at your overnight stop in Heimahe village. The ride in the afternoon will on a quiet road and you will stop at Shinaihai after more than half of journey. This day ride will be one of the most memorable as you browse the prettiest part that almost all the time alongside the Qinghai Lake.

Day 3: Buhahe Village - Bird Island - Gangcha County (70 KM/43 Miles)
This morning, you first ride to the Bird Island, which is 20 km away. This Bird Island attracts around 100,000 migratory birds, especially red-crowned cranes and king shags, migrate from South East Asia to Bird Island to breed from May to July. After the visit of the Bird Island, you will ride on the West Huanhu Road (Huanhu Xilu) for 23 km before reaching intersection of the G315(national road). You are only 27 km away from the Gangcha county, which is the home to some ethnic minorities. You will then find the culture mix of Tibetans, Mongols, Hui and Han. This very typical village welcomes you for the night.

Day 4: Gangcha county to Xihai county (87 KM/ 54 Miles)
Today, continue cycling on the G315 to head back towards the Xihai county which is still 87 KM away. This road will keep you a little bit away from the lake but the landscapes alongside are various, like the hilly prairie extends to the horizon. Parallel to your drive, you can catch a glimpse of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, so this is where the train passes the roof of the world! Then, you start the descending ride and the route will be much easier for the end of the adventure!

Essentials of Qinghai Lake Tour

China Escapade provides bike rental and the different stages of Bike tour but all that relates to the professional equipment is not available. So plan your first aid kit (in case of injury, stiffness, pain, allergies, colds, ...), appropriate clothing, personal equipment (soft saddle, helmet, protection, sunglasses, sunscreen, ... ) and a map of the route with GPS.

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