Qufu hometown of Confucius

Qufu Qufu Shandong
Shandong Qufu is the hometown of Confucius, the great Chinese thinker whose great principles are embedded in current Chinese culture. Qufu is proud to be his hometown and honors the philosopher in many ways. Every year, Qufu holds a huge feast for his birthday. The town boasts a huge temple dedicated to Confucius and his descendants. It also houses the cemetery of Confucius which is located in an impressive artificial forest.

The Temple of Confucius

Confucius lived from 551 to 479 BC and his words only were heard once the great thinker passed away. After his death, a small memorial was built by his disciples. A few centuries later, during the Ming and the Qing dynasties, the memorial was enlarged to be the temple you see today, a huge temple occupying one-fifth of the city center of Qufu. It is one of the three greatest ancient architectural ensembles in China. Inside, the temple was filled with pine and gnarled cypresses, shrines from the sacred forest of steles. Dacheng Hall is the most important part of the temple. On a terrace of marble and surrounded by columns are dragons accompanying a statue of Confucius sitting on a throne.

Residence of Confucius

Confucius's lifetime is not known for his wisdom, he lived in relative poverty. These are his descendants, building on the success of the thought of their ancestor, benefited from special advantages. They were ennobled in effect and lived like kings. The residence retains its original architecture but has lost much of its former glory. With 450 rooms, halls and buildings, it was the most beautiful of mansions under the dynasties. The descendants of Confucius, who ruled the city, became autonomous. They therefore governed taxes, justice, and all the affairs of their kingdom. They built the residence in the image of their power, immeasurable. Organized into four parts, it was a miniature city with apartments and residences, temples, kitchens, library, loft and other provisions.

Forest of Confucius

A quarter of an hour from the city center, Forest Confucius is actually a huge artificial park containing the tomb of the great thinker. It is said that each of the disciples of Confucius there planted a tree in his region. This explains the patchwork composed of 100 000 trees have driven here for over 2000 years. The tomb itself is a mound of earth surmounted by a stele indicating that it is the cemetery of Confucius. Not far away, his descendants were also buried, and most of his followers. This forest is a vast cemetery that has grown over the centuries. Initially, 3,000 m² were donated by the emperor, but 2,300 years later, the cemetery covers 7000 m²! With 10,000 tombs, statues and stelae, Confucius Forest is the largest family cemetery in the world.

A Picturesque City

The city of Qufu is an important heritage of Chinese culture. Although Confucius Temple and residence of Confucius are the main reason for visiting Qufu, you can enjoy a walk around the old town admiring the imperial style wood carvings and stone architecture. Festivities to partake include the autumn and spring anime fairs and the annual Confucius birthday party help on the 28th of September.

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