Sanya Li and Miao villages Binglang Gu

Sanya Li and Miao villages Sanya Hainan
The Li and Miao Village Park, also called Bing Lang Gu, is one of the best places on the island to discover the ethnic culture. Lost in the rainforest, visiting these villages, you can learn more about their cultures, lifestyles and traditions of the Li and Miao. Located in a special natural reserve, it is also an opportunity to take a bit of freshness and admire the vegetation of Hainan.

Minority Villages

Located in the heart of the rainforest in a unique nature reserve, the living spaces of the Li and Miao minorities are known to be quite isolated from the world. Today, this park contains two villages and houses a number of people from these two ethnic groups in order to perpetuate their cultures and traditions, along with making them known to the world. The characteristic of these people is that they live in the middle of betel nut valley. Just like a coconut tree, this tree plays an important role in the Li and Miao culture. For them it is a beautiful and thin girl. Moreover many chew betel nut in order to refresh the mind. Li are known for their brocades in China and abroad. With their bright colors and unique designs, the art work is worth a glance, along with the way that they teach art to young people..

Local Activities

Almost everywhere in the villages, the people of minorities wear traditional costumes and especially tattoos that are the hallmark of these ethnic groups. It is possible to visit some of the houses and gardens, wandering freely in the village. A theater was built to accommodate the traditional songs and dances. Thus, it is possible to attend the famous bamboo dance of Li or the show of Fire and Knives Miao.

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    8M Altitude Sanya Li and Miao villages
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