Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone

Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone Sanya Hainan
The Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone showcases China's diverse social customs. The key features of the zone are the three sided statue of Mercy Guanyin, Buddhist Temples, remarkable landscape and sea views. Travelers can also interact with the different Chinese ethnic minority groups of the island!

Religion without Border

Buddhism is widespread across China.  Already noted in the Tang Dynasty, monks arrived at the Hainan and installed Buddhist temples. Today where the first monk lived for more than a year has become a beautiful natural park. Located 40 kilometers west of Sanya, this site retains the divine atmosphere of the time. Although the mercy Guanyin seems to be the religious focal point of this site, the culture of the Park today seems to blend ideals of Buddhism and Taoism together toward adding serenity to this tropical paradise.

Statues of Mercy Guanyin

Long ago, the imposing statue of mercy Guanyin was built. Measuring about 108 meters in height, it is visible from afar, even among the hills. Larger than the Statue of Liberty, it attracts visitors around the world. Less known but can be even more beautiful, a smaller statue of Guanyin is also on this site. With a height of 3.5 meters, there are a number of materials used to make this statue top notch. For example, there are 100 kilograms of gold, 120 carats of diamonds, 100 kilograms of green jade, jewelry and unique gemstones used toward constructing the second statue of Guanyin. No wonder it is listed in the record books.

Gardens, Beaches and Ethnic Groups

The site consists of several parts. Many gardens and forests make up the harmonious and peaceful Nanshan. It is the same for the reefs and seashores. Although the main attraction is the huge statue of Guanyin, one can also come here to enjoy the shaded gardens. Part of the park is dedicated to the presentation of ethnic groups. For more fun, it is better to go into the rainforest to discover the ethnic groups in a more original way.

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