Sanya Beaches Yalong Bay, Sanya Bay and Dadonghai

Sanya Beaches Sanya Hainan
What is the point of coming to Hainan if skip a stroll on the beaches of Sanya? Some of these tropical beaches such as the Yalong Bay or the Dadonghai Bay are considered to be the most beautiful landscapes. The sand, waves and palm trees… everything is to set the mood.

Yalong Bay

Among beaches of Sanya, Yalong Bay is well-loved. Extending 7 kilometers toward the east end of the city, the sand is nicer. The water is so clear that you can see up to ten meters deep! This is the perfect place to do some scuba diving to observe the underwater world and coral reefs of the island. Around the beach, there are only luxury villas, luxury hotels, holiday villages and even golf course. Everything here reminds a visitor of a pleasant vacation in Hawaii.


Only 3 kilometers away from the city center, Dadonghai is very easy to access. Surrounded by restaurants, shops, malls and bars, this beach is very lively. Dadonghai is also ideal for a walk in the evening; you can enjoy the fresh sea air after a dinner of seafood. In the the coastal park, you can enjoy watching the vast expanse of the sea and the gorgeous landscape. Similar to the activities of the Yalong Bay, you can enjoy sunbathing and other beach activities here. In addition, the crystal clear water is perfect for swimming and diving. The only difference for this bay is that visitors are not surrounded by luxury resorts.

Sanya Bay

This bay is less crowded in comparison to the other two. And yet, 25 kilometers long coastline is only beach, crystal clear water and coconut trees. You’ll find miles of white sands, and blue waters that stretch on and on. Lined with a long string of hotels, the bay is very pleasant for vacationers. Apart from sunbathing and swimming, you can walk on the seaside or bike nearby. It is best to walk in late afternoon because you will be approaching the best place in town to watch the sunset since the bay lies northwest of Sanya.

Other Beaches in Sanya

Sanya does not only constitute three beaches, as there are many more as soon as any visitor travels a small distance outside of the city. During Chinese holidays, it is better to travel to the less known beaches, as a way to avoid the crowds. Even if they are a little less pretty, they remain a small corner of paradise, pleasantly quiet. You should also know the beaches, especially in Yalong, may be expensive during periods of high traffic.

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