Sanya Dongtian Park Taoist theme park and fantastic sea view

Sanya Dongtian Park Sanya Hainan
Early in the Song Dynasty, Sanya Dongtian Park was famous for its fairy caves,which is thus considered the magical world of Taoists. Here, Stretches of sand are interspersed with a few large rocks, slopes of Mount Nanshan resplendent colors of its dracaenas...Dongtian Park is like a paradise.

Taoist Theme Park

More than 800 years ago, this park was discovered. At the time, it was thought to have been a small magical world. In Taoist culture, there was the belief that there were great magical worlds described in sacred texts that existed on earth (10 Big Dongtian, 36 Small Dongtian, 72 Blessed Spots). A magical world is simply considered to be Dongtian in Chinese; hence, the name of the temple was surmised. Today, there is a park still contains small Dongtian, but the disappearance of larger Dongtian remains a mystery. With inscriptions carved into rock cliffs, visitors can find a little piece of the magical Taoist world in this park.

Pleasant Walk

The Dongtian Park is the ideal place to truly feel the atmosphere of Sanya. Located 40 kilometers away from the city, it is seemingly located in a remote place, as the South China Sea is visible on one side and the slopes of the Nanshan Mountains are visible on the other. Imagine admiring a landscaped waterfront view under the shade of beautiful trees or taking a pleasant stroll in this park while the sound of waves splashes against some rocks. This attraction includes a deserted beach where you can put your feet in the water and cool off a bit from the sun. Finally, paths depart on the slopes of the mountain. Amidst this area of the dragon pine, you can enjoy a little more freshness and other amazing views.

Don't Miss It

It will not be missed the magical world whose entrance is marked by a cave beneath a massive rock. Take a break beside statues of immortal creatures supporting the heaven and the earth. These statues, the turtle body and the head of dragon, watch over the South China Sea. Starting in the mountains, get to know the pines of the dragon species. Nicknamed the evergreen pines Nanshan dracaenas, these are considered living fossils protected by UNESCO. Some of the trees here are over 6,000 years old! Don’t miss this site for its scenery of primitive simplicity.

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