Tianya Haijiao edges of sky and sea

Tianya Haijiao Sanya Hainan
Tianya Haijiao literally means "Edges of the heaven, corners of the sea". Here, beaches, majestic cliffs, turquoise water, green hills and blue sky come together in perfect harmony. This picturesque site has witnessed numerous couples' ceremonies. For lovers of minority cultures, the park also offers a reconstruction of Li and Miao villages featuring their lifestyles.

Couples' Paradise

It was said that there were two people in love. Their parents were against their marriage, so they decided to flee to Hainan. Pursued by agents who were sent to investigate, they came to the “edges of sky and sea” and decided that they had no other place to go than the flowing sea below. At that moment, a flash turned them into two huge rocks of stone and the agents who pursued them were transformed into smaller rocks. Today, the site is thus considered as a symbol of eternal love. Many couples choose this destination to marry or even renew their vows! An international festival of marriage is well organized each year; this is an opportunity for dozens of couples getting married in unison.

Edges of Sky and Sea

Tianya Haijiao is located at the end of Sanya, about twenty kilometers from Sanya. Due to its extremely remote location, the ancient Beijing Royal Court exiled people here. But although Tianya Haijiao means the ends of sky and the sea, the meaning is often subjective. Many poems refer to the end of the world to express friendship or sincere love.

Cultural Site

Tianya Haijiao is frequented for its symbolic meaning and its beaches in a heavenly setting. For Li and Miao villages, indeed, the daily lives of these two minorities are recounted here. With crafts, local arts, festivities, and more... everything is staged to present two of the largest ethnic groups on the island.

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