Tropical Paradise Forest Park

Tropical Paradise Forest Park Sanya Hainan
Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park is a marvel of its kinds. This park is composed of a unique rainforest, overlooking the sea in this luxuriant nature offers extraordinary views of the forest. This unique experience can last longer as a unique resort hotel is installed.

Green Park

Just 25 kilometers away from Sanya is the first National Forest Park-Sanya Tropical Paradise Forest Park. Covering more than 1500 hectares (over 3,700 acres), this tropical park is actually based on eco-tourism and eco-resort. So everything here reminds that we must respect the nature. These natural, biological, geographical and cultural resources provide visitors more of this heavenly forest.

Ideal Place for Hiking

Enjoy breathing the fresh air away from the cities in this Tropical Park. Here, cable cars are available for visitors. Otherwise, it is used by visitors for conducting power walk on its 8 kilometers trail, which offers exceptional views of different parts of the forest and the sea below. The park is ideal for hiking, mountaineering, survival training or just for enthusiasts who want to enjoy the local folk culture, resort or nature.

Bird's Nest Resort in Tropical Forest

The 5-star Bird Nest Resort Yalong Bay, in the heart of the park and overlooking the sea, offers a totally unique experience, in communion with the forest. In an authentic style, private villas are built from natural materials taken on site. These 142 villas are scattered in the forest for comfort and privacy to the occupants. Offering a terrace to enjoy the view and often a private pool, guests are in paradise. Otherwise, the top of the hill in the center of the forest is a huge swimming pool. Especially the hotel is aptly named because there are more than 100 kinds of birds and 20 varieties of butterflies that hide among the trees. So we can hear their melodious song from the villas.


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    8M Altitude Tropical Paradise Forest Park
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