Mindrolling Monastery former Nyingmapa temple

Mindrolling Monastery Shannan Tibet
Originally built in the late 10th century, the Mindrolling Monastery belongs to one of the oldest sects of Tibetan Buddhism, the Nyingmapa sect. Taking into account the local legends and deities, the monastery is surprising in many ways, such as the perfection of its construction, Thangkas and paintings.

Nyingmapa Sect

Belonging to the sect of red caps, Mindrolling Monastery is one of the oldest forms of Tibetan Buddhism. It takes into account the local deities and mystical stories that were passed on by the people. Quite different from other sects, it authorizes the marriage; the monkhood happens then from father to son or step-son. Quite different from many other monasteries, the monks in this Monastery can get married and bear children.

Historic Temple

Originally built in the tenth century, Mindrolling Monastery experienced the vagaries of time and was rebuilt several times respecting the traditions. All walls are spotless with stones of the same size in extremely precise joints. Besides, there is a remarkable view of the facade of the main temple with the paving of the courtyard.

Atypical Paintings and Thangkas

The Thangkas and paintings in this Mindrolling Monastery represent demons and horrible creatures that are just supposed to ward off evil spirits and enemy attacks. you can find monks with several heads or demonic creatures in the paintings. These Thangkas and paintings are characteristic of a fascinating art and well worth a visit. This is different from some traditional stories of the Buddha.

Science Researched by Monks

For several centuries, the monks of Mindrolling Monastery were laboriously researching the areas of astronomy and astrology. Through the study of stars, the monastery works on presiding over the compilation of the Tibetan calendar. Traditional medicine, calligraphy are also part of their chosen field.

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    Jun. Jul. Aug. 
  • Altitude

    3 700M Altitude Mindrolling Monastery
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