Qingpu Ashram sacred park near Samye Monastery

Qingpu Ashram Shannan Tibet
Qingpu Ashram is a large green park not far from the Samye Monastery. It is in this site with lush vegetation and gurgling streams that the monks were practicing Buddhism. A small oasis of freshness to 4300 meters altitude, Qingpu Ashram has also been a good destination for trekking.

No far from the Samye Monastery, the natural park of Qingpu Ashram is also a sacred monastery. Having hosted many monks over the centuries, there are still some shrines lost in the hills. Sacred texts were also buried here during a troubled period in Tibet. Some are found during excavations but there are still some other treasures in the rolling hills. Some pilgrims have recognized the importance of the site! This land of Buddhist retreat is much frequented by believers however.

Qingpu Ashram is a good destination escape from the summer heat, over 4,300 meters altitude. This is the ideal place for a short hiking. Considering the lush vegetation and the small streams down the slope, the valley below offers an enjoyable trek for any visitor.


  • Best time to visit

    Jun. Jul. Aug. 
  • Altitude

    4 300M Altitude Qingpu Ashram
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